How to find an Upsell cart Drawer app with specific features?

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I'm looking for an Upsell cart Drawer with specifics needs

  • We have a major sale scheduled in three days, during which we plan to offer customers who purchase a paddleboard at full price $400 worth of accessories or any product available on our website, which they can choose themselves. This promotion will be facilitated through a promo code.
  • Upon the manual or automatic application of the code by the customer, we aim for the DRAWER cart to suggest complementary products to complete the ideal kit (as bundles). These suggestions should be configurable for each paddleboard, and optionally, the application should be able to randomly select products as well.
  • The added products should display their prices and indicate that they are complimentary within the promotion, up to a value of $4o0. Additionally, it should notify when the cart is 'full' with products exceeding this value.
  • Furthermore, post the conclusion of this sale event, the application should continue suggesting products, potentially with discounted prices (it's
  • It's essential for us to track sales obtained through the application in our statistics.
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