How to fix the payment on delivery problem?

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Shopify allows you to add payment to delivery, but this service for us sellers has a cost and shopify does not allow you to add a fee for this payment method, but only to activate / deactivate, the only solution proposed is to add a new one. shipping rate, but also by adding a shipping rate with payment on delivery, the customer can divert this path by choosing the normal shipment and then choosing the payment on delivery therefore he does not pay the rate for payment on delivery.
Anyone know how to fix this?

1) express shipping 1-2 days € 2.99
2) express shipping 1-2 days (cash on delivery) € 7.99

The customer can also choose option 1 and then make the payment on delivery, in this way he diverted the road to pay the payment on delivery rate, I hope I was clear.

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Hi @Josephus87 !

We have made an app to solve this issue without having to create different shipping rates for COD

You can check it out on the Shopify App Store here:

The app takes less than 10 minutes to configure and adds the extra fee to every Cash on Delivery order.

When the customer selects Cash on Delivery on the payment methods page at checkout they will see the additional fee so that they can decide to pay with another payment method if they do not want to pay the additional fee for COD.

The app is free to install and it also adds a few cool features to order notifications and the order Thank You page to improve the experience for customers who place orders with Cash on Delivery.

Let me know if this helps or if you need more info about the app!

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