How to Geolocate specific products in specific U.S. states?

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I've been using the 'Advanced Store Localization' app to show/hide specific products in specific regions of the USA. This app has had a lot of technical issues lately and their support doesn't seem to be able to fix the problem.


Does anyone know of an alternative Shopify app that can show/hide specific products in specific regions of the USA?

I am having a hard time finding another Shopify app that can do this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Let me know when you get an answer on this one. Any feedback would be appreciated. Ive tried a fair few now and still cant get all the boxes ticked. good luck

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@PKRC I am facing the same scenario, I need to hide specific products from specific states of the US. For example a product could be visible in California but not in Colorado. If I have understood correctly you have the same setup. How did you achieve this? Thanks!

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Same, as trying to hide products from certain states of the US. Any feedback is appreciated.