How to get my emails onto windows outlook express or similar

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I bought my domain through shopify when I setup the account, I currently have gmail with emails forwarded to my outlook account (the web based version).

I want to be able to setup my emails through windows and receive them through outlook express or similar from my desktop - does anyone know how to go about this?

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Me too! I have Outlook installed on my computer and I can't add my Shopify domain email to it. I sent a test email from one of my Outlook emails to my Shop email and I received it on my personal email (the one I used to sign up to Shopify with). A reply test email showed the email being sent from my personal email (which has a somewhat cheeky address and isn't professional or "on brand" for my store). When I try to set up my Shopify domain email in Outlook I need to manually enter settings and I don't know what the settings should be, nor can I find them anywhere on Shopify. I also can't see anywhere on the Shopify platform where my test email is. There seems to be no function for this at all, rendering me having a domain email address - sales@etc or info@etc utterly useless. My frustration is reaching boiling point right now. Does anyone from Shopify ever answer these types of questions? /primal scream

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Hi @rcaines82 and @AllGoodDogs! Great question you both are asking. It is definitely a lot easier to manage your emails when they come into your email client directly instead of viewing them through the browser.

The important thing to be aware of is that Shopify does not provide email hosting, we do provide email forwarding though. Similar to how a forwarding address at your post office redirects mail sent to your old address to your new one, Shopify provides the same automated setup for your customer facing email address to your personal email account.

This customer facing business email is a vanity email address that forwards customer emails to your personal email account. Once you have received their email any further replies you send to the customer from that stage would be sent from your personal email address.

We provide this option at no charge to our merchants who host their domains through us as an easy way to share a business professional email with their customers with just a few clicks. Feel free to read more about this in our Help Center. More established businesses will eventually convert to a custom email address that they receive hosting for from an email provider, allowing them to both send and receive emails using their branded email account.

Since it sounds like both of you are looking for that next step solution and would like email hosting for your custom email address, I would recommend taking a look at Zoho as a very affordable email hosting option: Email Hosting.

Zoho has a very inexpensive monthly plan for merchants who want to manage their emails through an email manager like Outlook or Thunderbird on their desktop and they also offer a FREE plan for browser based email hosting with your own custom email address! The free plan does not support desktop applications for email hosting, so for that one you would be checking your email through the browser but would be sending and receiving emails using your custom business email account.

Let me know if you have any additional questions about your email forwarding with Shopify that I can assist with.

- Shay

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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