How to handle large amount of orders - with minimum work (NO ALIEXPRESS HERE)

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We want to configuring our shopify store to handle thousands of orders each day, while we as a team of only 5 persons can manage it

We are not basing our products on Aliexpress, so we cannot use Oberlo plugin (AFAIK)

Customer pays with PayPal, The best solution would be that inside PayPal there was some logic that sent money to the various suppliers. To which supplier and amount would vary from day to day. While this happend, an email is sent to supplier about what product and to where to send it. (this approach I think is next to impossible to implement, would be surprised if possible. It require us to put lot of logic inside paypal)


My current solution:
Export all orders and have a script run through the orders. The script generate an output that can be sent to supplier. It tells what product to send and to whom to send it. In addition the script calculate how much we need to pay supplier. So we manually can go into paypal and transfer correct funds to correct supplier. This script is run once every day. I think we can hadnle many thousands of orders this way, as it only rely on the script which is super quick.

my business partner is worried using my script and rely on sending email to supplier and then he need to check his paypal account to see if we have paid. But I don't see any trouble there. One way is to have unique invoice number in the email and when we pay using paypal we refer to this invoice number. Bad Idea??

Invoice number would be calculated by our script and the supplier can potentially get orders from other people with the same invoice number - But it becomes uninque if we check against email -> paypal email + invoice number = unique number. Welcome ideas to make this better

Any ideas?





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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders was designed exactly for this purpose.

Simple PO allows you to create suppliers for your products and store cost prices for them. You can then generate a purchase order from an order which is sent to your supplier. It easily handles orders with items from more than one supplier.

It generates unique PO numbers for each one you send to your supplier and shows them all in an easy to view table.

Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.



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Hi, if I understand your question correctly, your main challenge is how to make sure that the money and email are corresponding to each other. In other words: 

Trigger: Order status change 

Events after the trigger happen: 1. Generate Invoice for yourself and pay; 2. Send email order to the supplier to inform them the customer address and items. 

Your script can already help you to do the second event, while for the first event, you can consider using PayPal Invoicing API integration. 

Changes you can make: 

1. Use your order status update as the trigger for your script (instead of running the script on a daily basis). 

2. Integrate your script with the PayPal API to generate invoice/invoices to yourself. 

3. Use the PayPal response after the payment is done as the trigger to send out emails to the supplier as your script already did. 

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