How to handle unhelpful support and blocked payments on Shopify?

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Working with Shopify for over a year.
The store is growing and developing.
In the summer of 2023, a company was registered where our back office is located, namely in the United Kingdom.

From January, we switched to accepting payments through Shopify Payments.
In February, a nightmare began:
They requested confidential information about the company's structure, specifically how our processes are organized.
We provided brief information, but it turned out to be insufficient. They requested a document confirming the presence of an office, and we provided a lease agreement.
This was also deemed insufficient. Now an unhelpful support manager is demanding a document without specifying which one.

As of today, they have disabled payment acceptance (the store has been successfully operating and growing for over a year).

And an important fact: the manager reviewing my store (I am from Ukraine) is Russian.

Any appeals to support with a request/demand to change the manager reviewing this end with a response that is unrelated to my request!

They cover each other.

Shopify demonstrates real cynicism - allowing a Russian to block Ukrainian stores!

I don't know what to do—considering whether to forgive or have lawyers write a pre-trial complaint or what to do.

It's already a matter of principle:
- Why can't the manager be changed?
- Why can a manager block payments?
- Why does Shopify support cover each other?

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How did you figure out that he is russian mate? Guess from a name? We have Ukrainians with russian names right?  Furthermore, they play with billions in Shopify. Your name though is not from Ukraine or Russia for sure 🙂

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I also want to add the same feature in my shoplifty store. Can you guide me recording this I don't want to use any app or plugin due to site load speed.