How to have a separate tab on product page?

How to have a separate tab on product page?

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I am using the Dawn theme.

On my product page, I would like a 'Care Instructions' section and a 'Product Details' section, that is a separate tab or a drop down, from the rest of the product information displayed to the customer.


For example, I would have the 'Product Information' displayed as normal,

Then underneath it would say 'Product Details +' and when you click it, it opens like a drop down to provide some more information such as material, colour, size.


Is there a way I can do this? 

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@Jj37 yes there is a collapsible menu block in the customizer of the product page which will help.


If your content is same for all products then that should do it for dropdown and for details you can add a text block as well. But if you have different content for different products you will have to use metafields to show content as per the products.



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Hi @Jj37 ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

how to add separate "Care Instructions" and "Product Details" sections with a toggle function in your Dawn theme:


  • Access your Dawn theme code (Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit).
  • Edit the product.liquid file in the sections folder.
  • Add HTML structure for the sections with classes
  • Add Javascript code at the bottom of product.liquid to enable toggling
  •  Save the theme and preview your product page.

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@Jj37 Please follow the below steps to add "Product Details" and "Care Instructions" as collapsible row on the product page, when expand each row, it will display its corresponding information. Let me know whether this solution is helpful for you.

Step 1: Create a metafield definition:
1. From admin, go to "Settings" -> "Custom data".
2. In the Metafield definitions section, click "Products" like in the below attached screenshot.
3. Click "Add definition" like in the below attached screenshot.
4. Name your metafield definition like "Product details"  Click "Select type" and select the "Rich text" like in the below attached screenshot.
5. Save the metafield.
6. Repeat same steps to create metafield for "Care Instructions".
Step 2: Add values to product metafield:
1. From admin, go to "Products".
2. Click a product, at the end of the product page, the created product metafields will be displaying.
3. Click the metafield that you have created in the above steps, enter value for it that you want to display.



Step 3: Display "Product Details" and "Care Instructions" using Metafields in front end:
1. From shopify admin, navigate to "Online store" -> "Themes" -> "Customize".
2. Choose "Default product" template / respective template for which you want to display price for the products like in the below screenshots.


3. Locate "Product Information" section.
4. Below to the product information section, add a section and choose "Collapsible row" from the dropdown like in the below attached screenshot.
5. Drag and move the "Collapsible row" block where you want to display the block within the product information section.
6. Click "Collapsible row" block to edit and add content.
7. Update the heading as "Product details". Click the "Connect dynamic source" icon near the "Row content" field like in the below screenshot.


8. Click the "Row content from page" dropdown and select "Product". Check whether you have selected "Product" from the dropdown.


9. Search for the created metafield and select it to display.

10. Follow the same steps to add another collapsible row for "Care instructions".

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