How To Have App Embed Block Show Above Add To Cart Button For All Themes And 3rd Party Themes?

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We have a bundle app which uses 2 app embed blocks, one is floating and the other needs to go above the add to cart button on product pages. We have it showing perfectly on dawn and prestige themes, but I noticed that each theme seems to have its code different. Is there a way to make the embed blocks show correctly for all themes and 3rd party themes automatically?


it’s a question of needing to add the embed block as a product form with an add to cart button above the hidden default add to cart button.


Since I don’t have access to every theme and some cost hundreds of dollars, how do developers make their bundle apps work with most themes automatically??? Thanks!

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You can add the paid themes as preview without paying for them!

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If you are adding elements to the storefront, why not use the app block instead of the app embed block? Your use case is not suitable.


If you must use app embed block, you can only parse the add-to-cart button in the DOM. After that, use js to inject elements. But it's going to be tough

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