How to have multiple email accounts in shopify for sending and receiving emails

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I would like to have 3 email addresses is my Shopify account for sending emails as follows:

Email #1:This email would send out Order confirmations, shipping confirmation, refund confirmation, etc. (all customer notifications)

Email #2: This email address would receive all emails from "contact us" link on our website and go to customer service.

Email #3: This email address would be for Admin in the account and receive emails from Shopify regarding account, reports, emails from Apps regarding updates, anything Admin for the account, etc.
I am told we can only have 2 email addresses in the account. If this is true, it makes it really hard to run a business and grow.
Does anyone know of a way I can achieve 3 email address per above? Thanks!

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Hi there,


Emails #1 and 3 are easy:

#1 is your "Store email", which you can configure in Admin -> Settings -> Store Details

#3 is your "Sender Email", which you can configure in Admin -> Settings -> Notifications


Email #2 is a possibility if your theme has a contact form feature capable of adding another email address or if you use an app/hire a custom coder.  Free themes and even some paid themes will send the contact emails to email #1.


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Thank you for your reply. Do you know any particular themes that allow a separate email address for contact us?