How to have shopify track total weight with a product with multiple variants instead being dispersed

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is there a way to track the full inventory ounce of a product instead of how much of each variant I have? I pack as I get an order with whatever ounce is chosen and don't have specific variants packed in advance. For example I have available 2oz, 4oz, and 6oz of something. I just want those variants tracked by how many TOTAL ounces I have available, not by how many ounces  of each variant I have.

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We could use a workflow similar to this one to automatically adjust the variant levels:

Sync Inventory Levels For Bundle Components In Shopify

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We recently released an app that does this. It can how many oz of a raw material that you have. You connect the raw material to product variants using a “bill of materials”. The bill of materials just defines how many if a material are used to make the product variant.


The app will keep your variant inventory in sync with each other after you set it up. It’s called Fusion Inventory. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

I can be reached at aosoble[AT]