How to have the customer pick the flavors they want in a box of 12 (drink mix)

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Hey there, 


I recently started my business on here and I'm very new at this. I sell drink mix in's to add to soda. Right now we are selling 12 pouches in a box. I have 5 different flavors now and I am wanting the customer to be able to pick the flavor and quantity for the box. 


I have read some other comments and it seems like there isn't a simple answer for this. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance!

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You may have to do what I do. It'll add in a ton of variants, but it seems to be the go for me. 

So in your case, you'll have to add in quantity and then flavor.


Hope that helps. 

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If you don’t care about controlling the inventory for the different pouches in the box, and only need them to select a max of 12, this could be done using product options added to the ‘12 Pack’ product; these selections would come through as line items on the order - indicating which ones to put in the box.


Alternatively a custom product ‘bundle’ template could be created to handle this.


Let us know if you need a hand.


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Hi @shaylee_kerr 


Have you tried our app, BYOB? You can show the products on a single page. Customers can pick and mix different products.


When the bundle condition is fulfilled, customers can get a discount like fixed-amount off, percentage off, fixed price, tiers, etc.


Here are some sample bundles you can try.

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That's amazing! So does this work with Shopify or is it it's own thing?


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Hi @shaylee_kerr,

The Easify Product Options app is an ideal solution for your requirements. You can effortlessly establish your selection of 5 flavors within the app, enabling customers to designate the quantity for each flavor. This ensures a total quantity of 12, corresponding to the 12 pouches enclosed in a single box.

Below is a demo 🤗:




App Settings:

  • Install the app and create an option set.

  • Add the Flavor options using the Image Swatches option type.



  • Enable the quantity selector feature and configure conditions as needed.



  • Finally, add the option set to your Box product, then it's complete.


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