how to hide shipping rate, if there is a local delivery?

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Hello there,

I am looking for a solution to hide shipping rates, if there is a local delivery rate available. 

We do local delivery in Vancouver region and Canada wide shipping. So, we have to  add both local delivery and shipping. But some times local delivery rate is more than shipping fee. But, we do not want to ship in local area. And by default, least amount is preselected and it is shipping, and customers select that. So, is there any way to hide shipping rates for local delivery area?

Thank you in advance 

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Sounds like I might be able to come up with some JavaScript that could do it. What theme are you using so I can test it out?


Beaux Barker
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I am using Shopify Dawn theme.

Thank you 


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This can be easily done using a shipping customization app like ShipMagic (our starter plan provides this functionality).

In the app, you can create a Shipping Customization rule to hide all other delivery rate when Local Delivery exists.

You can install the app and reach out to live chat support in case you need assistance in setting up the app.

Automate & bulk assign products to shipping profile: Auto Shipping Profiles: Shipr
Calculate accurate shipping rates: Shipping Calculator: ShipMagic
Hide, rename, reorder payment methods at checkout: Payment Customization: PayMix