How to I resend a receipt for an order placed in my online store?

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A customer did not provide an email during the order process but has since sent me her email address.  She is requesting an order receipt.  I've looked everywhere in my store and I cannot figure out how to do that.  Everything I search in the forums pertains to the POS app.  This was an online order.  I don't use the POS.  Is there a way to email her a copy of the purchase receipt?

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Hi @vmscissors ,

You can try this tutorial, but I don't think you'll see a "Resend Order Confirmation" button in that order:

Alternatively you could go into Shopify Admin > Orders > More Actions >View order status page. Copy and paste this URL in an email to your shopper. 


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For your information, I did a test and if you cut/paste the url, as recommended and send to customer, it will take them to the admin log in page. I think it's ridiculous that we can not resend to a customer the paid invoice, especially since Shopify isn't always reliable and generating the invoice email to the customer. 

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How do i just send a receipt to a customer (that shows what they bought, when and for how much, and my shops details).  I keep getting harrassed for receipts. How do i do this? And:

- it needs to be an attachement in an email

- a status page is not an receipt

- an invoice is not a receipt

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Its probably abit late now but we have recently had the same issue with our store - people wanting a receipt after the purchase has been completed.

On your shopify admin - go to Apps - customise your store - type in Order Printer (there is lots of these - select the one by shopify) install that, click on it and all your recent sales will appear. You can then download a pdf invoice that you can email to your customer. The invoice you download is very standard but if you know how to do coding - you can customise this more to what you want it to look like.


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@emily2803 That was really helpful!  Thanks!

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Thank you!!  That was exactly what I needed too!