How to Implement Links Globally as CTA?

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Is there a global way to add a link (or links) to all of our products? We're planning to remove the "add to cart" option, and instead redirect customers to our partner retail sites. The theme I'm utilizing is the Empire theme. 

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Shopify has tutorial for their themes that is parallel to this that could be remixed with a link instead of a form for this use case adapting it where need to a specific themes structure. 

Or the preorder customization 


In online store 2.0 themes 

If the link is unique per product:

Check your themes product templates in the visual editor for blocks that let you connect to a dynamic source

If so then use metafield definitions to add that link to every product in that text block

 , or if available a custom-html|custom-liquid block. 


If the link is unique per product:

In the Empire themes is add a custom html section,  though this will be far below the product form area in a new section row in most theme situations.

Or check the themes product templates in the visual editor for custom-liquid blocks to add liquid logic.


A quick method is to prepend the link to all descriptions through a bulk CSV import.


Otherwise you need to customize the themes product and product-form template.



New Feature - Metafield Definitions now available on Orders, Collections and Customers
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