How to implement tiered discount pricing after free shipping in Sense theme?

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Working on a clients website, and delving into shopping cart calculators (You are $x away from Free shipping). Free shipping amount is $200. I have implemented this with the following coding into the main-cart-footer.liquid in the theme settings:



<div class="totals"><center>
  {% assign for_free_shipping = 20000 | minus: cart.total_price %}
  {% if for_free_shipping > 0 %}
  <p class="totals__total-value" style="color: #d2bab7;">You are {{ for_free_shipping | money_with_currency }} away from receiving <i>free shipping</i>*!</p>
  {% endif %}





My client also has tiered discount pricing starting at $500 (but free shipping does not apply to these discounts). I would love to also implement (You are $X away from wholesale pricing) once the $200 is hit. So 0 to $199 the "You are $X away from free shipping!) is up, once over $200, an new counter begins that says 'You've qualified for free shipping! <Br> You are $X away from unlocking tiered discount pricing.' (depending on how much is spent, it's 15%, 20% or 25%)


I don't want the checkout to look cluttered, so would only like the 'You are $x away from wholesale pricing' to come up after the free shipping requirement is met. 


I would also need the "You have qualified for free shipping" to go away after the $500 is met.



Thanks in advance!

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That "code" looks to be generated by an a I model, there won't be many people out there who will write this out for you. There's all kinds of complexities to this sort of thing, what happens if a promotion code gets applied or removed. You can't define static numbers in code if the value is in euros to pounds. Again basic stuff. August 24th everyone will lose access to checkout.liquid, therefore little point making such a change. Shopify Do not want people changing their checkout on a saas model.