How to improve my shopify store speed?

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I have multiple Shopify stores and I am wondering how I can improve my shopify stores speed?

anything in general?


Thank you. 

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Hi @annarudd303 
Below is the checklist of speed optimizations you can do:

- Removed Unused CSS & JS
- Removed Duplicate JS & CSS
- Removed Commented code
- Removed app code & files which is not installed on the store
- Load Needed JS & CSS from store instead of CDN
- Minify CSS & Js
- Minify Inline Css & Js
- Lazy load fonts
- Load fonts from store instead of CDN
- Reduce Requests for the website
- Reduce the Page Size of the website
- Apply Lazyload to images
- Reduce Render Blocking
- Improve Webvitals
- Apply Proper dimensions to images


Or you can hire a developer or services to do this for you.

We also provide speed optimization services, you can contact us here:

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