How to include multiple images in a CSV file for product upload?

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Hello everyone,


I am attempting to create a CSV file to upload products.  I am lucky enough that each product is stand alone.  It's not multiple variants at all.  Just one product with 5 pictures.  If I understand the guide correctly I just need to create a blank row and copy and paste the handle and SKU in the next line down and then go to the image and paste the link in and put a "2" in the field that shows the image location.  Is that correct?

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Hi @Joshwilusz 


You can add more product images to your CSV file by uploading more images to your Shopify admin. The process differs if you build your Shopify store with a CSV file. Review the following considerations:

  • You need to be able to edit a CSV file. Shopify recommends using Google Sheets to view a formatted version of your CSV files.

  • You can add up to 250 images to a product.

  • Your product images must be uploaded to a publicly accessible URL. They should be behind an 'https' protocol with no password protection. To do this, you can upload images to the Files page of the Shopify admin. The URLs generate automatically. After you click Upload files, you can select up to a couple of hundred images to upload in bulk.

Add multiple product images to your CSV file.

  1. Insert new rows. You must use only one row per image.
  2. Copy and paste the handle.
  3. Copy and paste the image URLs.

If you need to know how to add additional rows, please follow this article:


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I've seen that it's possible (or was) to do this with semi colon separation in one column. Is this still the case?

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Hi @Joshwilusz ,


I had a similar problem but I found the Smart Bulk Image Upload app and it helped me a lot. I've uploaded my images into Google Drive and then uploaded them into my store.


Plus, the support team is very responsive and they've answered my all questions quickly🙏  If you have images according to SKU or Barcode of products,  highly recommend the app. 

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That's not very helpful as using Shopify's csv documentation explains how to do this. The need for a $70-month program is ridiculous, I was able to fine-tune my system in 30 minutes for free, using Google Drive API and Python. That price tag is ridiculous.

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When you have technical knowledge, you can solve such things with coding, but you can't call an application "ridiculous," which is useful for shop owners like me. Uploading pictures was the most difficult part of adding new products for us, and thanks to this application, I can do my least favorite part automatically. And it was a great investment for our store to automate image uploading and publish our products much moooore earlier than manual uploading. I just wanted to share this with someone who has a similar problem with me.