How to keep customer's shopping list?

How to keep customer's shopping list?

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I am planning to keep the customer's shopping list in his account, so that he does not have to remember and add them again when he comes back to the site.

If the customer ordered chilli powder, tomato and coconut this time, it should be saved to his account so that he can use this list next time.

Could you please tell me what is the best way to do it?


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you can use some 3rd party app like:

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The system remembers each order and each item ordered for each customer, so it's possible to retrieve a list of ordered items on account page, convert it to the cart form, like a bulk order form, so that customer can set quantities and press reorder to get whatever is selected to the cart..

Possibly sort the list so that most reordered items are near the top...

Just liquid code, no need for an App.

Can probably be even done as a "Custom liquid" section so no theme modification needed.


But -- hiring a dev to implement would likely be more expensive short-term than using an app. 


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