How to know if a product qualified for dropshipping?

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Say I want to find electric kettles to dropship. When browsing online to create my portfolio.... How do I tell if "this product" or "that" qualifies for dropshipping?

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Hi @ElliotStiller 


Are you asking if the supplier of that product supports dropshipping OR if the product can be dropshipped in Shopify?


Any product can be dropshipped as long as it is not restricted by Shopify. You can check Shopify's terms of service.  Ideally, you want to avoid dropshipping heavy items such as furniture as these can be expensive to ship.


As for the products that you found online, it would be best to contact the supplier directly and ask them if they support dropshipping and that they are willing to remove any of their company logos and promotion on the packages when shipped. 


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