How to link "shop" not to a collection but to product page (in one product store)

How to link "shop" not to a collection but to product page (in one product store)

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We are building a one product store. Obviously in a one item store there is no need for any collection. For UX reason we logically don't need to send the customer over a collection page whic shows only the one item. How can we deactivate or delete the collection at all or at least just re-link the "shop" in the main navigation to the one and only product page? 


Thanks in advance!

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You can create menu item under "Main Navigation" which directly links to product page

One more thing, you can remove all the collections but "/collections/all" is default provided by shopify which can not be deleted..

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Hey, @derlutz!

You can do this within the admin section under Online Store > Navigation. If you select the Main Menu navigation, you can add a new item called Shop and link it to a specific product from the dropdown menu. I've made a short video on how to do that here!

When you first start a store, two menu items are preloaded on your theme. This is just to get you started quickly, you can edit/add/remove those items as you like. The first two items that are added are "Home", which links to your homepage and allows customers to find the homepage from wherever they are in your store, and "Catalog", which links to the collections/all page. This page cannot be removed, but if you do not have it linked in the navigation for customers to find, that page will only be accessible if someone manually types it into the browser bar. For example, someone would have to type '' in order to view that page. If you've not made any edits to the preloaded menu items, you can click here to learn more about how to edit your navigation. This second video I've made here will show you how to edit the preloaded menu items.

You may only need one or two links for your business if you are selling one product! I'd also recommend adding links to your Contact Us & About Us pages, just so the customer will know who you are and how to contact you. 


Let me know what you think!

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Hi both! 


Thanks a lot for the help!

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Hi Ava, I want to know how can I link my leads to a product specific page. For example if im advertising on tiktok or FB for a specific product and I would prefer the leads to get linked to the product rather than the store homepage.