How to list Products on Google Merchant from Multiple Locations

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Hi, I help manage two physical stores and an online store. I currently have one store on Shopify that is pushing listings to Google Merchant from Shopify. I've asked Shopventory (an app) if they can push product stock levels from multiple locations to Google.


Does anyone have any experience with a guideline for pushing product listings to Google for multiple locations?  I am guessing creating multiple Google Merchant accounts will get flagged.


Can this be done through Shopify, a inventory management app, or a third party app?



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Google Merchant Center allows you to enable multiple locations for your business. In the "Business Information" section, ensure that you've added all the relevant locations.


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Thanks for this info.  After viewing the "Business Information" section, there is only one spot to add the address info.  All of the locations are added to Google Business Profile which is linked to Google Merchant and Google Ads.


Do I need to request a conversion to my Google Merchant account to advanced, or is this different in Canada?