How To Make a Discount Code Required on Checkout

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I have the spotlight theme. I'm trying to make the Discount Code be Required at checkout.

How can I do this? 

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It's important to note that Shopify does have some limitations when it comes to customizing the checkout pages. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Shopify's checkout customization options are indeed limited for security and consistency reasons.

Additionally, Making the discount code required at checkout has potential advantages, but there are also reasons why some businesses might choose not to implement this. Here are a few considerations:

  1. User Experience:

    • Requiring a discount code at checkout can create friction in the user experience. Customers may find it inconvenient or frustrating, especially if they don't have a code.
  2. Conversion Rates:

    • Complicated or lengthy checkout processes can lead to abandoned carts. Requiring a discount code might discourage customers from completing their purchase.
  3. Marketing Strategies:

    • Some businesses use discount codes strategically as part of their marketing campaigns. Making them required could limit the flexibility of running promotions without codes.
  4. Customer Retention:

    • Forcing customers to search for a discount code could result in a negative perception of your brand. Providing a seamless checkout experience might contribute to better customer retention.
  5. Promotional Outreach:

    • Businesses often distribute discount codes through various channels, including email marketing or social media. Making codes required could limit the effectiveness of these promotional efforts.
  6. Competitive Edge:

    • In a competitive market, providing a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience can be a competitive advantage. Requiring discount codes might put your business at a disadvantage compared to competitors with simpler checkout processes.
  7. Segmentation:

    • Businesses might want to track the effectiveness of different marketing channels or campaigns. Allowing optional discount codes lets you see which customers are responding to specific promotions.
  8. Customer Trust:

    • Requiring a discount code without clear communication might lead customers to question the transparency of your pricing and promotions, potentially eroding trust.


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Thanks for the quick response. Is there a code or a field that a user must enter upon checkout that can be unique and not repeated?


I'm building a reward site so the people aren't actually purchasing products just making a selection and providing their shipping address. As mentioned above I want them to only be able to use the code only once. 


Any advice?