How to make a product available for local pickup only?

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I have a physical brick and mortar retail store that uses Shopify POS as well as an online store and they share the same inventory.  The problem I am having is that certain products are not ideal to ship but I still want them available to be purchased online for local pickup only.   


For example, we offer bulk herbs online available for pickup only so the customer can purchase all their herbs in the amounts they want and we will bag them up and notify them when they are ready for pickup.  We use a weighing app for the bulk herbs with a price per ounce for each to determine the cost.  Because of this when I put them online people started buying the herbs in one or two once increments and that is very cost ineffective for us with bags and packaging etc.   We don't want to ship that small of quantities and there is no option to have certain variants available on the POS only.  The problem is that most of the time the customers also want to purchase other products in the store that are available to ship or for local pickup along with the bulk herbs all for local pickup. 


Why Shopify doesn't have a simple toggle on the product page for "available for local pickup only" in 2024 is mind boggling.  Apparently there is tons of other shopify users with the exact same problem asking for the exact same fix for years now.  


One of the very complicated run arounds I have read about for this is to make a seperate hypothetical location for these products that does not allow shipping and move all the inventory to that location.  So, I did this, and while it's not a user friendly solution for me or the customer, it did seem to be working.  Then, after complaints from customer trying to place orders for local pickup, I realized there was a major flaw.  If a customer has  products from both locations in their cart, it will not let them choose local pickup because it thinks those products are at separate locations......even though they are not, and therefore will not allow them to finish checking out.   How in the world do I set up my online store to have certain products available for local pickup only and some for both shipping and local pickup where the customer can choose local pickup for an order with both types of products in their cart?  Making the customer do two separate transactions two accomplish this is not really an option for me and very non-user friendly for the customer.  I understand making them do two separate transactions for a shipping order and a local pickup  order, but not for a local pickup order only.  


Sorry for the novel I wrote but does anybody have a solution for this?  How many complaints and requests does Shopify need before this becomes a feature?  It seems like a simple feature to implement and lots of users are asking for it.  

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