How to make a stand alone search page that includes text from pages. Apply filters before searching

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I have a teachers resource website and the search functionality isn't giving the results visitors want. 

I'd like a stand alone search page. The teachers applies filters before searching. That would include selecting "resources" (so searching text on pages) or "gifts" (the merch and products). Visitors are typically searching for games on a theme (colors, food), or by game title (hopscotch, wheel barrow races).

Ultimately a solution like this is what teachers are expecting from me.

I've trawled the app store all evening wth no success so suggestions welcome please.

Thank you.






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Hi @TheMagicCrayons ,


You can use meta field to create these filter for this discovery and search app provided by Shopify is the best option.


Let us know if you need any help in creating these options.

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