How to make an item only appear on the collections page

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Hello! I would like to make a product only available on it's specific collections page. I don't want the item to show up on the 'products' page. Is the only way to do this to remove the entire products page? Essentially, I'm creating a secret portion of my website for "Ultra Collectables". These will only be available through a password into that specific part of the site. These will be highly collectable designs for my brand. 


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Products will only show in collections that you have assigned them in the Shopify Admin, so as long as you keep to that, you won't have your products show in any other collections except the ones you define.


To prevent them showing on other pages (I'm going to assume you mean in 'Related Products' or 'Recently Viewed' sections commonly found on Product Pages), you'll need to modify the code a bit to ignore these exclusive products, but you'll also need a way to define these products (I suggest the use of a tag).


Then you edit the code so when the section goes over products to display, you add some logic that ignores products if they have that specific tag on them.

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Really great question! As @domnappa touched on, you might need some code to completely remove the products from products page as it's supposed to to contain all of the products. It got me thinking and I'm wondering if a lock style feature app from the Shopify App store might help you with this situation. It can block off certain sections of your website only allowing access for certain customers based on the criteria you set. Each app has a different set of criteria's you can use such as given them a passcode, location, via a secret link, certain IP address, having one of many email addresses and many more. You can see the apps I like the most with this feature below: 

Do you think this could work for you with what you're looking to do?

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.