How to manage order routing for separate inventories in the USA and UK?

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I have 2 locations, a warehouse in USA with stock and a warehouse in UK with stock.


Problem example: I am out of stock in the USA with a product however in stock in UK with the same product. I used to be able to show out of stock for all the USA distributed customers and in stock for all UK distributed customers. Since order routing has been introduced the stock (which is out of stock in 1 location and in stock in the other) seems to show in stock in both locations as it will just pull from the UK warehouse when out of stock in USA, then when an order comes in from USA (as for the customer it shows in stock on the website) it will pull from the UK inventory and then i'm unable to fulfil the order.


My inventory is set to 0 (or even minus when orders come in) in the USA and in a positive amount in UK. Continue selling when out of stock is unticked. It seems to be something to do with order routing however this new update has thrown me off and i cant get my head around whilst receiving 100s of emails off unhappy customers who's orders I'm unable to fulfil.


With all 4 order routing options it seems to "prioritise" one location over the others however this doesn't work for me. If the inventory is out of stock in USA i need it to be unavailable in USA to be purchased instead of pulling stock from the UK.


I feel like i'm missing something obvious so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


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One of my clients has encountered a similar issue before (a cosmetics brand), where we needed to ensure that stock levels accurately reflected the available inventory for each location to prevent orders from being accepted when the stock wasn't available in the customer's region. We developed a solution that addressed these challenges effectively.

To provide you with the most accurate advice and potentially tailor a solution similar to the one I implemented for the cosmetics brand, would you be able to share your store's URL? This will allow me to have a deeper look into your setup and better understand how your inventory and order routing are configured.

Rest assured, with a bit more insight, I'm confident we can work towards resolving this issue for you.


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