How to manage stock across multiple locations effectively?

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I Have a question about locations and stock. 


We have two locations for our shop. One in Scandinavia and one in Benelux. 


The one in Benelux have their own app for their fulfilment that connects with our shop. 


However, the stock in the Benelux location doesn´t seem to respond when a product is sold out. It´s still available in the shop at this location even if its sold out. Have have unchecked the "continue selling when out of stock" box. 


The only thing that seem to work for this issue is different shipping profiles for the locations instead of including them in the General Shipping. But then we have to divide the products and choose some products for one location and some for the other location. But that is not an option for us. 


Anyone been dealing with the same issue? 




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Hi @HOB2024 ,


To resolve the stock availability issue:


Double-check stock settings in your Shopify dashboard.


Verify location settings for each shop location.


Ensure the fulfillment app integration is set up correctly.


Consider creating separate shipping profiles for each location.


If the issue persists, contact Shopify Support for assistance.


Hope this helps!

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Hi @HOB2024 - Have you checked the fulfillment priority you have set for shipping from multiple origins?