How to Manage Variants and Inventory for Assembled Products?

How to Manage Variants and Inventory for Assembled Products?

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We have a furniture store on Shopify. We are having a problem on the stock side. This problem is in different products A - B - C, we also want to create the product we call sectional, where three of them are combined as an option. In this Sectional product, fabric and orientation will be selected as a variant. But A - B - C products also have these variants within themselves. When we try grouping, it takes 3 variants of 3 products. We want to make 1 product from the combination of 3 products and have only 2 variants. In the final, the STOCK CODE of this combined product will not be special. In other words, when the order is placed, 1 each of the 3 products should fall from stock. How can we solve this?

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Hi @Sbakkalbasioglu ,


We developed an app called Fusion Inventory to handle the use case you described. Check out our User Guide to see how it works.


Try it out and feel free to reach out over email if you have any questions. 🙂

I can be reached at aosoble[AT]