How to merge products into one product with variants without losing sales history

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📢 Calling All Shopify Gurus! Need Help Merging Products with Variants (while keeping sales history and Loox reviews) 🆘

Hey  Shopify community!

We're facing a bit of a head-scratcher and could really use your expertise to find a solution. We're attempting to merge products into one product with variants on our Shopify store, but here's the catch: we want to preserve our hard-earned sales history and those precious customer reviews we've collected with Loox.

We've already tried a bunch of methods that were suggested to us, like keeping the existing barcodes and SKUs for each variant. But sadly, no dice. Every time we merge, our sales data disappears into thin air, leaving us feeling frustrated and puzzled.

To make matters worse, it's not just our sales history that's taking a hit. The apps we rely on, like Bundles, are now left scratching their digital heads, unable to locate the item since it seems to have vanished.

We believe in the power of this amazing Shopify community, and we're confident that one of you brilliant minds out there has encountered a similar situation and found a way to overcome it. So, here's a rundown of what we're looking to accomplish:

  1. Merge Products: We're in dire need of a method, a secret trick, or a magical tool that will let us merge our products into one product with variants. We want to avoid having multiple separate listings cluttering up our store.

  2. Keep Sales History: We've put in a lot of hard work to build up our sales history, and we don't want it to vanish into thin air. We need a solution that preserves our precious sales data, including order details, revenue, and all the good stuff.

  3. Protect Loox Reviews: Our customers have been kind enough to leave us some glowing reviews through Loox, and we absolutely don't want to lose those. It's crucial that the merged product retains its overall rating and customer feedback.

But hey, it doesn't stop there! Losing our sales history is causing some unforeseen side effects. Apps like Bundles are feeling a little lost and confused, unable to locate the items they were once best friends with. So, any insights or suggestions on how to handle this conundrum would be much appreciated.

Our store sells car detailing supplies and currently has a separate listing for each size variant of a product, normally 3 or 4 per product, we need to merge these into one product wit 3 drop down size variants. We have had success exporting them as a csv, then changing the data and importing them, but it seems to lose the h

If you've successfully tackled this challenge or have any bright ideas to offer, we'd be eternally grateful. Share your experiences, recommend apps or tools, or point us in the direction of helpful resources. We need all the help we can get!

Thanks a million in advance for being the amazing community that you are. We genuinely appreciate your time, support, and, of course, your invaluable wisdom.

Thank You

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I wish I had an answer as we're facing the same conundrum.  I wanted to jump on here and mention one side effect we've seen that you didn't mention (probably because you wisely didn't keep the "new" variant structure as long as we did): we processed a refund for an item that was sold "pre-variant."  Even though the item was archived, the inventory adjustment occurred on the pre-variant version of the item.  😕 


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Hi @HVT,

The Easify Product Options app could be beneficial for your situation. Assuming you have 2 products, such as White T-shirt and Black T-shirt, and you want to merge them into a single T-shirt product with color options and variants while preserving sales history, here's a guide 😊:

  • Create a new T-shirt product without options or variants.
  • Install the app and set up a new option set.
  • Add a Color option in your option set, using a suitable display type like Color/Image Swatches, Button, Dropdown, etc (26 option display types for you to choose from).
  • Connect your existing products to the respective color option values using the Add-on Product feature. This is crucial for merging existing products while maintaining their sales history.





  • Associate the option set with your new main product, the T-shirt.




  • Hide the old products from your storefront to ensure that customers only see the new merged product. Utilize the seo.hidden metafield and add it to your old product settings.


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