How to move from AutoDS to Dsers without losing all my product and supplier mapping?

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This is both a question and a warning about AutoDS. I use AutoDS to automate my Shopify store. Our primary supplier is AliExpress. AutoDS is terrible on almost every level (including their system constantly wiping out all our product edits and reverting back to the supplier's product titles and descriptions) and we want to move all our products to Dsers. Dsers said just ask AutoDS for the appropriate export CSV file and it would be easy for them to do. When I asked for it, AutoDS started by asking why we want it, then said they cannot produce it. They are refusing, saying they can only provide the product title and another field I can't remember. They CAN do what I asked but they are holding our store hostage so we dont leave.


Dsers says if we cannot get our product and supplier info from AutoDS then once we switchbover to Dsers we will have to manually map all 9,000 of our variants back to the suppliers, which would take us months while our shop was down mcosting moneybinstead of making money. Here is what we need in our CSV spreadsheet:

1. Product ID

2. Aliexpress URL

3. Product variant ID

4. Aliexpress SKU's.


Does anyone know how we can get this info in bulk and smoothly switch from AutoDS to Dsers?


Thanks in advance.

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