How to NOT skip the cart page at checkout?

How to NOT skip the cart page at checkout?

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When customers check out, it automatically skips the cart page. I have donation and round-up options on this page, so I don't want people to miss it. I do not have dynamic checkout or a buy now button for my product pages. I can't figure out why this page is being skipped. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you!

Regards, Jessica
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the thread is 2 yrs old and there's no answer to it. how sad Shopify

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Would love to see a response to this.

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Can't believe this is like the only post I can find like this! And no practical replies...


For maker shops this is a brutal part of Shop Pay and the Shop App that bypasses the Cart page which allows us to run the necessary fields to support customizations, date selection or the content of personalized notes for gifts.  This leads to frustration on the customer end and extra work for our staff.


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Maybe too late but can you try to disable cart drawer like shown here?