How to obtain a reseller license for trademarked products?

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I need help:
Shopify has blocked my site for selling nike, jordan and yeezy products. That I don't have supply contracts for that, but they don't understand that it's third-hand goods, so I don't sell new goods.

I would need someone who would be able to communicate this, because if they don't explain why by December 8th, they will block my website.


1) Where do I get a license? Especially so fast...? Is it possible that just an invoice from the supplier where I buy Nike, Jordan and Yeezy branded products - these 3 brands - is enough?


2) Can I somehow extend the deadline?

3) I read somewhere that you can delete all products to at least save the store until you have all the licenses. And then just resend the items. Is it enough to set all items to zero stock and "inactive" so that they no longer appear in the store (yet)?


4) Can I back up my entire store (shipping settings, payment settings, products, etc.)? Otherwise, the months of work were really wasted.


5) What about all the money I put into Shopify (including apps etc.)? Is all lost?

I would be very grateful for any advice.
Many Greetings,

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Hey Martin, how did you solve it? We are facing the same problem rn.

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Did you sort this? If so how did you doit if you dont have receipts for all shoes you sell? As im sourcing 3rd party