How to ONLY update cost and prices according to supplier list?

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Hello dear people

I have a CSV file of each of my 150 brands (""vendors""") with new update prices. About 3000 products need to be updated with cost and sell prices.
The common identifier to products in the list and in Shopify  is ONLY the barcode or EAN or SKU (as I set the SKU and Barcode as the same) 

I cannot seem to import in shopify a CSV file that has not "Handle" and/or "Title" filled in. 

It seems ridiculously easy to do (on all other mayor platforms and minor platforms too, i could do this literally in seconds) but in Shopify I have to put in 80 hours of manual work? Can't be, right?
Any sollution? Work-around or ANOTHER plugin...?
But remember please that in my file the product Handle and Product titel might be very different than in my shopify store. 


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I had only best experiences using Matrixify -- 

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Hey @tim  and @nowvitamins 
Thank you for mentioning and suggesting our app.

You sure can updating product data only by the SKU as per the above-linked tutorial.
For example, you can import a file with just 3 columns Variant SKU, Variant Cost and Variant Price.
The app will find product variants by their SKU and update only the cost and price attributes for them.

Just make sure that your SKUs are unique for each variant in the store.

If you have any questions or concerns alogn the way, let us know!

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Unfortunately, like you mentioned, there's no way to update the data in the Shopify admin without also including the handle/title.


If you are looking for an app to do this I would suggest taking a look at our Ablestar Bulk Product Editor. A few advantages to using this app are:

  • You can match on barcode/SKU or other fields
  • You can undo your changes with a single click
  • You don't need to rename columns before uploading the spreadsheet. As long as the SKU/barcode is the first column you're fine

Here's a quick walkthrough we recently made showing how to do this:



Happy to answer any other questions you might have about either our app or the CSV import/update in the Shopify admin.




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