How to pass Google shopping fields to Facebook catalog? (Product Category, Age, Gender, etc.)

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I'm having a problem with creating a Facebook product catalog with ALL necessary fields in it. 


All my products have multiple fields specified for Google sales channel - Age, Gender, Google Product Category, etc. 




My store is synced with Facebook, where it automatically sends product data to create a catalog on Facebook. 


But when I tried to create product sets in Facebook based on different fields (such as gender) I found that most those fields are actually empty, i.e. not passed to Facebook for some reason.


























It turns out it's not Facebook's problem. Shopify doesn't actually store this data in product fields, because when I do a product export in CSV, all these fields are empty. So Facebook doesn't actually get this data from Shopify.




How to make Shopify pass all the important product data to Facebook?


The first obvious solution would be just to add it manually through CSV and then import, but my store is print-on-demand, with products synced to different printing services. I'm afraid that updating them by importing CSV will unsync them from printing providers. Won't it?


Is there any other solution? I looked into creating a supplemental feed in Facebook to fill just the missing fields, but there seems no way of exporting Shopify's feed in Facebook's format, to get the basic file with my product IDs and then populate the missing columns.


And since this is definitely a bug in Shopiy, is Shopify aware of it? Are there any plans on fixing it anytime soon?


Is there at least any third-party app that would create a Facebook shopping feed with all Google values automatically populated? I've checked 3 different apps so far, and none of them was able to incorporate Google Shopping fields (age, gender, google product category) in the product feed.

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I can recommend DataFeedWatch to you to solve this problem.


You will be able to export metafields that contain the Google values like gender then manipulate them however you want, to create a feed appropriate for Facebook ads.

At our agency, we avoid all native feed solutions and just use DataFeedWatch for everything. It can take a bit of learning to get around, but the freedom to customize every field in so many ways like Google Sheet values, lets you grow ad campaigns.

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