How to prevent customers from selecting Media Mail option?

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We do not sell media mail qualified items, yet the customers continue to choose this option, thinking they are saving money.


Yes when we ship we have to choose other mailing methods.


Where is the checkbox to not allow or where is the solution to not allow them to choose medial mail?


I have seen previous threads and it requires scripting etc.


I do not want to program, I want to sell and ship items.


Thanks for all the help.

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If you don't have any items eligible, just turn the rate off. 
Settings->Shipping and Delivery
Click on the shipping profile to edit. If you've not set up multiple profiles, you'll have a General profile. Click it.
Under Shipping zones, you'll have a Domestic option.
Assuming you're using calculated USPS rates, you just need to go into the rates and deselect the Media Mail option. There should be checkboxes for each option you want to make available. 

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Thanks.  There is no media mail option.  That's the issue...I cannot determine where it is coming from.

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I'm having this issue too - I feel like it must be new because it didn't used to happen right?


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Hey, @Jordan_Rondel.


Thank you for joining the thread.


We're unable to determine when the Media Mail shipping method was enabled on your store, as we don't have access to merchant accounts over the Shopify Community. However, the Media Mail shipping method has been available for awhile now. That being said, you can manage the calculated shipping methods and disable Media Mail. If you need help with this, then we'd recommend taking a look at our guide: Create calculated shipping rates


If the problem continues to persist or you require further assistance with disabling Media Mail, then we'd be happy to assist you through live chats. Simply visit the Shopify Help Center and login to your account to create a support request. 

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