How to put an order on hold?

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I've got an order with 2 items. I've part fulfilled an order, however I don't have the 2nd item.

How do you put the 2nd item on hold, or cancel this item?

I click on the options, there are no options?!

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I think the "hold" status is for apps and fulfillment services, for example if you have a 3rd party fulfillment service connected, then they might put it on "hold" if there is a problem, to indicate that they received it but cannot process it.

If it's being fulfilled from your own warehouse, then by not taking any action on it, it's acting as on hold, meaning no action will happen until your staff does something with it.

To cancel the item, click the Refund link at the top of the page. From there you can select that line item to refund / remove from the order.

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