How to re-enabled Your store after 2-3 FAKE DMCA Notice

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My competitor filed a fake takedown notice and I have filed a counter claim.

After filing a counter takedown notice and the person who made the complaint again filed couter takedown notice, they are claiming that i have used there product Title & content & and the this is not 100% true I have used only their product title as a part of my product title, And earlier i didn't take it from their website there are lots of shopify webiste out there which is using same product title & product description with his video also! But they are Filling DMCA Notice against me! They have filed 1st time Notice 4 days before i didn't do anything! & When they have filed 2nd time i have send them couter notice & they have again send me 3rd notice today and my store is stopped! I Have replied in that email itself to But didn't got response yet! 

I don't know what should i do!