How to recover a prior business email address?

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Hi, whilst not specifically a shopify issue, it is related to my current shopify emcommerce site, so I am hoping someone here might be able to answer my query, or direct me to someone who could help.

Let me explain... when I first started my ecommerce site I first begen with Wix ( .... they provided me with a website and a linked email address

However after about a year or so, I became frustrated at the limitations of the wix platform and sought other options, eventually settling on Shopify. After a somewhat arduous process I did manage to move my site to Shopify, retaining the website address. But I had lost access to the email address... ''.

So my question is how do I get control back of the email address... who owns it / manages it??? Who do I contact to get it back?

Hoping someone here knows the answer!

Thanks in advance.






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Hi @KapitiHobbies 

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You should contact Wix Support first for effective help.

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