How to reduce initial server response time

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Hi Support,

I am facing a problem clearing the serve side cache, Can you please check it and let me know there any way we can reduce the initial server response time.

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Ways to reduce initial server response time-

  • Performance Analysis. 
  • Compressing Images.
  • Make Your Page Lightning Fast with AMP.
  • Use Fast and Responsive Theme for Your Shopify Store.
  • Reduce the HTTP Requests.  
  • Reduce the Number of Apps Installed.
  • Minimize Redirects and Broken Links.
  • Use Hero Layout Instead of Using Sliders
  • Organize All Your Tracking Code with Google Tag Manager


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Reducing TTFB is critical to your visitors' page experience as it affects every resource referenced in your HTML, and directly influences how long it takes for your page to load. A slow TTFB may negatively affect your front-end resources as your visitors may only see a blank page while the browser is waiting for a response from the server.

If you want to be sure your site is up to standard, you can use GTmetrix. It is a tool that allows you to analyze your web server response times, monitor your webpages, and test your speed on mobile. There are free and pro versions available. GTMetrix has both free and paid versions. Simply enter your URL, and you’ll see an overall score for page load time, which also includes SRT data.

Also, there are many other methods to check your server’s speed and performance. Here are the top ones I recommend.

  • Use Reliable and Fast Web Hosting
  • Use a CDN
  • Optimize Databases
  • Performance Analysis.
  • Compressing Images.
  • Configure Caching
  • Minify Scripts
  • Minimize Redirects and Broken Links.


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I wrote an article on reducing initial server response time.


More Liquid = Longer response time

The article explores one way to reduce the response time by delaying some of the expensive (costly to process) Liquid code in your theme

The solution is best used for menus (header, footer, sidebar) that have a deep hierarchy

~ Bashar A. | Fullstack Shopify developer
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@bashr wrote:

I wrote an article on reducing initial server response time.

Great article. Very helpful! Thanks for sharing.

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@bashr this is great, I've got just the site for it so will try it out in the following weeks hopefully. Loving your website too.

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Great article! Is there any way you can give us step by step instructions. Do we add those scripts to the theme.liquid?