How to regain access to a lost Facebook business page?

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Hi All.


My wife has a small business called Eco Bee Cambridge located in Cambridge, UK. My wife and I have been experiencing issues with our business Facebook page. We have lost connection to it, resulting in a significant loss of followers. We have tried to merge or delete the old page, but unfortunately, Meta has not responded to our requests. This issue is having a negative impact on our physical store and online presence, as the old page still appears first on Google. Can anyone recommend a professional who can help us reach out to Meta via IM or call (UK)? We have tried watching YouTube videos, but they have not been helpful.

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Facing the same issue with my old Facebook page. I am trying to delete it but it isn't responding. Let me know if you got any solution for this problem. I am trying it for the well-being of my web Entrepreneur

Let me know if you got the solution for this. Thanks