How to remove product pricing from Google search results?

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Hi All,

We have a B2B page, where you need to have an activated account and be logged in to see the prices of products. All goes well. But now, with some products, google has it's own way and displays the price in the google search results as a snipit (we are not a google seller, but it just crawls and finds it somehow). The strange thing is, some products don't show up with pricing. All products are generally the same, so no difference there. Probably only difference in searching for a specific, popular product. We need it removed, our customers are, understandably, not happy about this. 


I have heard of a way to remove the entire page from google by noindex in the head, but I only need the price to be removed, not the product itself. I want to be found by product. 


Please help community! 

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Hi @Philippe_ ,

Google reads your price information and other information regarding your product by using Structured Data Markups, which are already part of all Shopify themes. Essentially every product page has this information . See Screenshot.

To remove price from structured data, you will need to edit your theme code. In order to do that.

1.Go to Online Store sales channel

2.Select the theme that you want to edit and click on 3 dots next to the Customize button.

3.In your theme code editor, search for "product", this will list most code files that are being used for the product page.

4.Check all files for a keyword called "Schema". The file name is different in different themes.

5.Remove the price information from the schema and then save.


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Thank you for this, I just removed from main-product.liquid page the 2 lines in screenshot that are highlighted with the price (using Dawn theme).  Is the next step to wait for google bots to crawl site again? 

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Hi, the url in point 5 has expired. Do you mind reconfirming what needs to be removed? Thanks so much! x