How to remove SEO Booster app code from my store theme?

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I have uninstalled an app i.e. "SEO Booster app" from my Shopify store. But, I should remove its code from my Shopify theme as well but don't really know-how. If somebody knows then let me know as it hinders my overall SEO as I am unable to update the metadata.







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Likely this is something in the theme.liquid file. Have a look at Older versions when in the theme editor, if you can find a version before the install can probably roll back to that, assuming there are no other customizations you would be undoing or breaking.

Sometimes I use a diff check tool like to highlight what has changed between the current and version you are thinking of rolling back to, to be safe.

Is your theme paid? Maybe you could ask the theme dev to help. 

Otherwise if that is still too hard, you'd probably need to look at getting some help from an expert or on Upwork or something.

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Did you manage to make the changes?  I have the same issue.

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I had the same issue. You can find those pieces of code on the Shopify code editor, under the SNIPPETS folder as shown below. You can simply delete these files and problem solved. ✔️

Screenshot 2024-03-08 175703.jpg