How to remove the parameters behind the dynamic URL in the Shopify store?

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Hi, friends.

My Shopify store is planning to do SEO. I ran into a little trouble.

When a user searches for a product in the search bar on the homepage of my website, he enters the search result page (product aggregation page). After the user clicks on any product, a parameter will follow the URL, such as "?_pos=1&_sid=6ce07f576&_ss=r ".

I don't understand the meaning of this parameter. But this kind of dynamic URL is obviously not conducive to SEO.

Is there a way to remove this parameter?

If you can provide valuable advice, I would be very grateful.

This is my website: Toner Cartridge

This is the URL of the product page with parameters:


1. User searches for product keywords on the homepage


2. After entering the product aggregation page, the user clicks on any product


3. Visit the URL of the product page with parameters, how to remove this parameter?




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I have Same issue on Empire 7.0 Theme... Please help me ..any shopify staffs here