How to Remove Unnecessary 2nd Dropbox from Website

How to Remove Unnecessary 2nd Dropbox from Website

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I have used the "variants" option when adding new products in the past and it has shown on the website normally (i.e., only showing one dropbox for customers to determine which size/design they want). However, lately this has changed to where when I add a variant on a product there will be a second dropbox containing the same information showing up on the website.

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What suggestions are there to remove that second dropbox? I've tried adding variants in different ways, as well as trying to customize the website itself just short of writing code.

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Do you have any apps installed related to variants? Have you made any code changes or had someone make code changes? Typically the doubling of an element will imply there is a second code being loaded within the theme. This can come from an app or an accidental copy and paste when adjusting code.

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I have not done either of those options since I've been in this position, but I will ask previous users if they have taken those steps at all in the past that I am unaware of.

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Hi @remmmmus 

Would you share preview link of this so we can make some inspection to find why this is happening?

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