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How to remove You saved message

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How to remove you saved message from my cart page




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To remove the "You saved" message from the cart page on a Shopify store, you will need to edit the code of the cart template. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store and go to the "Online Store" section of the admin dashboard.

  2. Click on "Actions" and select "Edit Code".

  3. In the "Templates" folder, locate the "cart.liquid" file.

  4. Search for the line of code that displays the "You saved" message. It should look something like this:


<span class="cart-savings">{{ 'cart.general.savings' | t }}: {{ cart.total_savings }}</span>


5. Once you have found the line, you can either delete it or comment it out by adding {% comment %} and {% endcomment %} around the line.

6. After making the changes, click on "Save" to update the code.

7. Refresh the cart page on your store and the "You saved" message should no longer be displayed.

It's important to keep in mind that this changes will be in your theme and if you change your theme the changes will be lost, so it's advisable to use a child theme. If you are not comfortable working with code, it's best to consult a developer for help. It's also important to make a backup of the original file before making any changes.

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Thanks Tahirumar. But I don't see cart.liquid file under the template folder. All are .json file and one is gift_card.liquid. Any idea?

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Im having this same issue, Im not finding a cart.liquid section.

There is only a main-cart.liquid but it doesn't contain any lines that reference "cart-savings" or "cart.general.savings"

Could this have changed when Shopify rolled out the new cart?