How to selectively discount items with the same SKU on Shopify POS?

How to selectively discount items with the same SKU on Shopify POS?

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I would like to be able to have the multiples of the same item in my cart but on different line items so I can discount some of the same item but not others.


We run a used goods store and get 1000s of items each week. Rather than inventory every single item that comes through our store, we have generic price points (i.e., Chair $5.00, Chair $10.00) and print labels for items as they come through. What we would like to do is be able to discount some of the $5.00 chairs that have been here for awhile, but not discount all the $5.00 chairs. But Shopify POS puts multiple quantities of the item on 1 line so they would ALL be discounted.


Is there a way to discount only some of the same item on one transaction? If not, does anyone have a better idea of how to easily inventory and price 1000s items a week that we could then schedule discounts based on when the product was created?

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Regarding POS, I'm not sure about Shopify POS but currently using ConnectPOS and its discount setting is significant. t allows you to establish discount rules for product groups or specific customers. You can set discount values or conditions based on customer purchases. This POS is available on Shopify marketplace so you can get a free trial or contact their support for more information.