How to sell Subscription Box in the USA?

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Hi guys,

We're a Canadian based company called Little Life Box. We've been in business for almost 4 years now. Our traffic is pretty decent in Canada. We already have tons of reviews, unboxing videos and media coverage online. We recently launched our US store (people can choose their country from, but we're getting hardly any traffic or sales from the US. We've sent out about 50 free boxes to American bloggers and influencers and even worked on some paid collaborations, but we're getting nothing. We've checked multiple times and everything is fully functional as far as the purchasing goes. No abandoned carts either. Has anyone been through this before? Any tips or ressources for me that could help guide us?

Thanks 🙂

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Thanks for posting a detailed guide on this. This is really helpful. ShowBox App

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Hi, Chelsea!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify!

I was reading your forum post and an idea came to mind. There are lots of businesses out there that are wanting to promote their products and brand. An idea that you can do is for your next subscription box is to ask businesses if they would like to have their product(s) in your subscription box. You would be promoting their product, not just for the one month, but on your website when people view past boxes. In exchange, the business would shout out on social media about your subscription box company. You can even send them images of their product in your box that they can use on social media. This would get your brand in front of other peoples audiences who are interested in healthy items already. Because the contents of your box are a surprise each month, the shout out would have to happen after the subscription box has already been sent out for the month. If you are having a hard time reaching out to large companies, there are smaller businesses that you may find more responsive to this idea, many of them are in our forums. 

Another option is to put your monthly boxes on as well as your website. Cratejoy is like a catalogue of different subscription boxes that exist online. This way you can advertise your subscription boxes in front of people that are already looking for a subscription box.

Just some ideas, these are 100% totally up to you! ?

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Jade | Shopify 
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Hey Chelsea! Great thread


We deal with these brands a lot, so here’s my thought from an advertising perspective:


As for the ad creative itself, subscription products should be heavier on information in their paid ads. Highlighting the benefits of the product are always essential, but in this case of a monthly purchase, it’s especially important. Video creative typically performs better, particularly if it satisfies all the concerns people might have about the product. For example, we’ve found that language detailing anything from the materials to the ingredients used in a product has more of an impact when a customer is considering committing to a product for the longer term.


We actually blogged about this earlier this week, if you want to learn more:


See ya!

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