How to set a base inventory for all products and options

How to set a base inventory for all products and options

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Hi guys,

My site is:

I have 'Black Frames' which I'm selling as an option with every product. However, as there's limited stock in each Black Frame and it's Size, I was wondering if there's a way to set the Base Inventory for each Frame and Size, whilst applying it to the entire store?

e.g. Black Frames A3 Quantity: 10

If a customer buys a print with a Black A3 frame in 'Product A', it will then reflect '9 remaining' for Black Frames in Size A3, no matter which product you are looking at.

Hopefully I'm making sense.

Would really appreciate any help!


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Hi Miki

You achieve this by bundling up each variation so that way you can link the same SKU to multiple variation items across different products and update inventory accordingly.

Happy to help you set things up using our bundle app so you can see how it functions.



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Hi @mccreations,

I'd like to offer a simple solution that could prove useful if you encounter a similar issue in the future. You can use the Easify Product Options app to create a "Black Frame" as a custom option for your product, all within the app itself, without the need to create it as a Shopify option/variant. Meanwhile, you can manage the Black Frame as a separate product to handle its sizes and quantities, and then link the Black Frame's options to the variants of your existing product.

Here's a concise guide to help you understand the process 🤗:

  • Start by creating your main product(s).

  • Create the Black Frame as a separate product, with Size options and specify the quantity for each size.

  • Install the app and set up an option set:



  • Add an option for selecting the Black Frame Size, using the Buttons option type. Use the "Select product" feature to link the option values to the corresponding product variants of the Black Frame.



  • Finally, integrate the Black Frame Size options into your relevant product(s), and you're all set!



This approach will streamline the management of your Black Frame option and allow for smoother inventory control 👍.

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