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How to set Minimum Order Value to all the products

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Hello everyone,

Is there anyone here who knows how to set a minimum order value? This minimum value should be applicable to all customers and orders. Customers who don't reach the required amount should receive a prompt to continue shopping until they meet the minimum.

I am aware of a temporary solution that involves adjusting tax rates, but it's not an ideal way to handle this situation.

Ideally, I'm looking for a solution where if a customer clicks on the checkout button, they receive an error message stating that their cart doesn't meet the minimum order value. ( As you can see in the picture below )

I wanted to set £100 minimum order value. 

If anyone can provide some code that I can simply copy and paste, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

 Screenshot 2023-10-05 192145.pngScreenshot 2023-10-05 192215.pngScreenshot 2023-10-05 192303.png

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Are you developer? You can check out this techniques, it works exactly the same as what you want.


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No, I am not a developer and I don't know how to use this 😞 

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Hello @harisrauf00,

You can try the MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order app to apply a minimum order value restriction on your products. Minimum order value can be set on a particular product or on the whole store. Your customers can't proceed to place an order if they fulfill the condition. A warning message will be displayed until the requirement is fulfilled. you can explore this app for your store.

Thank you

Minimum Order value 25$ – MultiVariants app demo.png


Emilia7 | eFoli
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I find this app to be quite promising, but unfortunately, the minimum order value feature is paid.
As my business is still in its early stages, I currently don't have the budget for paid apps.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could recommend a free alternative app or provide a piece of code to accomplish this. Thank you in advance!