Re: How to set price , inventory and variants in the productCreate Admin GraphQl API?

How to set price , inventory and variants in the productCreate Admin GraphQl API?

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I aim to utilize the most recent version of the Shopify API, specifically the productCreate endpoint, to generate both simple and variant products. However, I've encountered an absence of fields for defining crucial attributes such as price, inventory, or variants in the latest API version.
Interestingly, upon inspection, I noticed that the variants field is present in the 2024-01 API version. Given the possibility of these features being deprecated in newer versions, I'm curious about potential substitutes for the variants field in the latest API iteration.
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In the latest versions of the Shopify Admin GraphQL API, including versions beyond 2024-01, some fields and methods for creating and managing product variants, pricing, and inventory may have been restructured or moved to different endpoints or mutations. Here’s how you can manage products with variants, pricing, and inventory using the most recent Shopify API.

1. Creating a Product with Variants

In the latest API versions, creating a product and its variants may require a more structured approach, potentially involving multiple steps or different mutations. Below is an approach using the productCreate mutation followed by the productVariantCreate mutation to set up variants:

Step 1: Create the Product

First, create a base product without variants using the productCreate mutation:


mutation {
  productCreate(input: {
    title: "Example Product"
    descriptionHtml: "<strong>Good product!</strong>"
    productType: "Clothing"
    vendor: "Example Vendor"
  }) {
    product {
    userErrors {



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What about the default variant? for example if i want to create a simple product in shopify (without any variants) how can i set the price, inventory for them? is there any API ?


NOTE: if i use the productVariantCreate API to set price and inventory for simple products i got below error from graphql api.. it is working fine for variants.. so how can i set price, inventory for simple products (product without options) ? please help..


 "userErrors": [
                    "field": null,
                    "message": "The variant 'Default Title' already exists."